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Cyber Threat Intelligence

How rThreat Can Provide the Intelligence You Need

Why is it important to understand the intelligence behind an advanced threat?

An advanced threat has more than one artifact, and many times it does not encompass only malware. The development team at rThreat understands the intelligence behind advanced threats, which enables them to generate real artifacts. This allows you to validate your defenses against known and unknown attacks and assess your security risk.

Do you know what threats your organization should be prepared for?

What threats should we prepare for? How do we understand the threats we face? rThreat reduces risk by identifying the most relevant and impactful threats that can potentially impact your organization. rThreat develops attack packages with the same behaviors that real threats have. We do this by applying the offensive intelligence that malicious actors possess when developing their artifacts.

Understanding the Risk

Current cybersecurity challenges have led organizations to improve the methods they use when responding to advanced threats. However, in order to make this a reality, organizations must understand the threats they potentially face. rThreat allows organizations to do exactly this; our platform visualizes your defense performance (both human and technological) through on-demand testing. By tracking your performance, this information can provide early warning signs of which targeted attacks can potentially impact your organization. This information also allows you to identify and address vulnerabilites that may exist in your infrastructure.

Confidently Take Action

Having a test environment that is capable of simulating attacks by malicious actors and that reflect TTPs empowers organizations and prepares them for potential targeted attacks, unlike other solutions. The important thing is not “who” attacks, but knowing “how” they attack. rThreat enables threat intelligence teams to strategically anticipate and respond to threats by implementing a proactive instead of reactive approach, prioritizing which alerts they must respond to first, and developing better informed responses to security incidents. Through measurement and evaluation, organizations can make educated decisions in order to improve their security infrastructure. By understanding potential threats and having the ability to test their security solutions, organizations can confidently know their data and valuable assets are protected.

Cyber Intelligence of Artifacts and SOCs

rThreat provides accurate and pragmatic information to Security Operations Centers through our integrated reporting and analysis dashboard. rThreat enables Security Operations Centers to understand how people, processes, and technology respond to a specific cyber threat. The visibility provided is backed by intelligence from real artifacts that emulate the actual behavior of TTPs.

With this information, Security Operations Centers can implement effective cyber risk management plans, understand the true impact of different attacks, address security gaps, and make educated investment decisions to optimize their cybersecurity solutions.

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