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rThreat Testing Tool

Why did we develop the Testing Tool? In order to automate internal traffic and optimization tests, we developed a tool capable of generating HTTP and diameter traffic in a customized way.


We used JMeter as the basis for this custom testing tool, which is 100% Java. JMeter is designed to load test functional behavior and measure overall performance. The following features have also been added:

New screen integration extensions

New screens were added to the JMeter GUI for the configuration of diameter components.

Added server capabilities

We added new server capabilities that allow clients to create specific sockets.

Introducing the rThreat Dictionary

Using the rThreat Dictionary framework allows support for a wide variety of Diameter interfaces.

Added network layer

We included a new efficient network layer to support TCP / SCTP, TLS, and high loads.

Testing Tool Features

Automation of Diameter Testing
  • RFC 3588,3588bis compliant
  • TCP/SCTP, IPv4, IPv6
  • TLS
  • Flexible Diameter dictionaries
  • Out of the box 3GPP/3GPP2/ETSI standard support
Strong Monitoring Capabilities
  • Statistics, graphs, assertions, record request/answers
  • Visual data analysis and reporting
User-Friendly GUI

Simple definitions of real world scenarios.


Scalable and distributed testing environment.

How To Use The Testing Tool

Quality Assurance: For automation testing environments, and for load, stress, and functionality tests.

Research & Development: For help with new feature development when customizing applications.

Presales: For presentations and demos with better visuals.

Field Engineers: For easier integration with other vendors.