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rThreat Support SLO

Review our Service Level Objetives with details

SLO Overview

rThreat establishes the following starting points for the initial technical response, the continuous work effort and the frequency of communication depending on the support coverage contracted as well as the severity of the problem, as indicated below.

Detailed Description

The following service level objectives (SLOs) are intended to provide a framework for setting mutual expectations:

The support has 2 different levels according to the level of subscription that was acquired. Standard Business Hours means from 8AM till 8PM Pacific Time Zone. RThreat support services are provided in English and Spanish.

To ensure that all problems are reported in a standard format, rThreat has established the following problem priority definitions. These definitions will assist rThreat in allocating the appropriate resources to resolve problems. rThreat must assign a priority to all problems submitted to rThreat by the customer.

The easiest method to submit an rThreat Inquiry/Case is to create a case online using the Case Management portal on the rThreat Portal. Go to rthreat.net and click and support:


And enter credentials:


After that you will see the next screen:

Go to preferences and please select the preferences as you wish:

In order to create a new ticket, please click on tickets and New Ticket:

And you will see the next screen:

Please complete theĀ form providing as much detail as possible and attach any supporting files or screenshots.

After that you click on submit and the ticket will be open.