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Promoting Resilience in SOC Teams

Coffee with CISOs Episode 9

Guest speaker Tia Hopkins, VP of Global Solutions Architecture at eSentire, joined us to discuss the challenges seen in the security operations landscape and the ways companies can improve the effectiveness of SOC teams.

Bring your favorite drink (doesn’t have to be coffee) and take a quick break to learn more about:

● Continuously evolving threat landscape’s impacts on SOC teams
● How to increase efficiency and minimize tooling needs
● Tips on how to promote resilience and a healthy workplace

There’s two sides of [SOC teams] for me. There’s looking at the human element of it like what can we do for the people and then there’s the process side like how can we be more efficient about the things that we’re doing and the two kind of go hand-in-hand because when you’re building your processes, the outcome of that drives what the humans are going to have to do.

About the Webinar

With the growing complexity in Security Operations Center technologies, it is important to relieve the increasing amounts of pressure on SOC teams. In this webinar, we discuss the recent shift of data to the cloud, especially due to the pandemic, creating greater attack service and less control of cloud security. With big data, SOC analysts constantly have to bring their A-game and keep up to date on the latest threat hunting techniques and the output of tooling in the environment. This constant demand emphasizes the need for a mastery of cybersecurity tools which perpetuates the cybersecurity skills gap and puts even more pressure on a SOC team for company survival. Join us as we sit down with Tia Hopkins, VP of eSentire, to discuss tips on what your SOC teams should focus on to increase efficiency and improve the working environment.


Promoting Resilience in SOC Teams

Tia Hopkins

Tia Hopkins, VP of Global Solutions Architecture at eSentire. Tia has been working in the IT and Security industry for 20 years and has received numerous awards, such as Top 100 Women in Cybersecurity 2020, Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity 2020, and SC Media 2019 Leadership Award – Outstanding Educator. She is also the Founder and CEO of Empow(H)er Cybersecurity, an inclusive organization focused on diversifying the cybersecurity talent pipeline by empowering, mentoring, educating, and providing career guidance and opportunities for women of color.

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