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Strengthening Your IAM Program with Identity Governance Administration

Coffee with CISOs Episode 8

Our friend Garret Grajek, CEO of YouAttest, joined us to discuss identification, authentication, and authorization best practices through Identity Governance Administration.

Bring your favorite drink (doesn’t have to be coffee) and take a quick break to learn more about:

  • The basics of Identity Governance Administration (IGA) and common implementation challenges
  • How Identity Governance Administration plays a role in detecting cyber threats
  • Ways security teams can improve efficiency and reduce time spent on reporting for compliance

Identity governance administration is part and parcel of our day jobs. The industry has to look for solutions that say “This is part of what we do and we are going to demand that vendors and processes be functional.” We can’t use 1980s-type technology and processes for a 2020 problem.


About the Webinar

Identity Governance Administration (IGA) has gained momentum in the last several years as an integral piece for compliance. However, many companies are now facing the reality that comes with IGA: more time spent on reporting for auditors and less time spent on security-related tasks.

Watch this episode of Coffee with CISOs to learn more about how companies can rethink the way they approach IGA so security teams can get back to what they do best: security. Garret Grajek from YouAttest discusses the most common issues he sees with IGA implementation and what he believes is the answer to these problems so companies can increase efficiency, spend less time on reporting, and save money.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can implement these same techniques in your own IGA-related processes.


Strengthening Your IAM Program Garret Grajek

Garret Grajek

Garret is the CEO of YouAttest, and a certified security engineer and product builder with more than 25 years of IT Security product development experience. He has several patents for information security products focused on Application SSO, 2 Factor Authentication, Identity Assurance, Continuous Authentication, and AI and Blockchain. He also specializes in secure IT products for markets in Federal, State, Local, Education, Financial, Health Care, and other regulated areas.

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