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The Future of Breach & Attack Emulation

breach and attack emulation platform
rThreat will enable you to:

effectively evaluate cybersecurity using orchestration and automatization of cyber threats

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical elements in an organization. Hacker groups are constantly orchestrating and planning their next attack, and unfortunately the validation of today’s cybersecurity technology is often done without using objective methods.

rThreat validates across the entire spectrum of cybersecurity, including an organization’s security staff, processes, and controls that are protecting critical assets. Doing so ensures that organizations are protected from known cyber threats and stay up to date on newly released zero-day threats.



The efforts made today to implement new technologies are considerable and involve using large amounts of resources.



Resources are a valuable investment. If resources involve a great effort, investment is the main factor that must be justified.



Not having the necessary methods to evaluate cybersecurity processes can have potentially catastrophic consequences. The average cost of a cyber attack now exceeds well over one million dollars, in addition to damage to a company’s brand and falling stock prices. rThreat can evaluate all levels of your cybersecurity infrastructure to ensure it is effective against potential known and unknown cyber threats.



Security specialists need to significantly improve and demonstrate the value of security investments for people, processes, and technology. rThreat allows you to perform these actions with measurable and pragmatic results.

breach and attack simulation platform
breach and attack emulation

How can you justify investments in cybersecurity?

In today’s world, most companies are led to believe the cybersecurity technology they have in place works as promised. They also trust that security staff follow appropriate security protocols and effectively respond to issues that arise. By deploying these solutions, companies believe they are safe and have the upper hand when it comes to tracking and outsmarting malicious actors. However, at the end of the day these are only beliefs and assumptions. It’s necessary to have a tool in place that enables us to validate these assumptions.

Be pragmatic


breach and attack simulation platform

From the point of view of solutions: DESIRED STATE


rThreat gives you access to advanced threat artifacts that follow APT standards to conduct security tests in controlled environments. These tests simulate attacks using the advanced threat artifacts that malicious actors would use in a real-life scenario. This allows companies to validate their IR equipment and its associated processes to identify weaknesses that need to be addressed.


Being able to perform on-demand validations in a controlled environment allows you to test your security infrastructure whenever you want and without having to rely on third-party vendors.


Possessing methods that allow for an on-demand, orchestrated evaluation of cybersecurity technology ensures your infrastructure is constantly being assessed to ensure safety and to justify your investments.


The ability to obtain real-time metrics of your cybersecurity solutions allows you to assess their true effectiveness and identify any shortcomings.

rThreat enables validation and measurement

rThreat allows us to understand how to communicate and support the effectiveness of cybersecurity with quantifiable data based on real evidence and on an ongoing basis. This paradigm shift elevates the perception of cybersecurity from a “magic black box” to a business unit based on metrics.

Artifacts Customized

rThreat also has a set of TTPs that emulate those used by attack groups and that are undetectable by traditional security solutions, these TTPs developed by rThreat can be considered as zero day, when made available to your organization, it is possible to validate not only the effectiveness of the infrastructure against an on-demand security breach, but also that of the incident response team.

Validation and Measurement

Most likely, organizations and institutions are omitting security data that can be collected through opitimized tests targeting advanced threats. rThreat enables the validation and measurement of these factors in a pragmatic and orchestrated way.