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rThreat Features

rThreat provides the power of assessment to entire cybersecurity teams, from the SOC to the CISO and IR teams.


rThreat performs an assessment of the current security environment and obtains real evidence that allows for decision-making based on measurable and pragmatic results.


Once data is collected, rThreat can help you strategically optimize existing controls and identify areas for improvement. rThreat also provides specific controls based on visibility and intelligence so you can continually validate the effectiveness of your security infrastructure.


rThreat demonstrates performance tests, ROI, and overall impact on your security, taking into account the results of evaluations carried out.


rThreat Features

Identify cybersecurity gaps to optimize resources and increase efficiency by providing certainty of the total value of cybersecurity investments and their effectiveness in the face of real events.

Provide visibility on which tools and/or controls are more or less valuable, and help manage cybersecurity through on-demand testing in a real testing environment.

Expose overlapping values of deployed solutions and enable confident decision-making in order to remove obsolete products. At the end of the day, rThreat can help you save time and money.

Quantitatively measure response times to a possible security breach to see how well your security team is performing. rThreat also validates total security effectiveness based on measurable metrics across the entire spectrum of your cybersecurity solutions.

rThreat is the only platform that continuously scans your security infrastructure for vulnerabilities and proactively makes them known before it’s too late

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