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 breach and attack simulation solution

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 breach and attack simulation solution

Frequently Asked Questions


Is rThreat a solution for detection or instrumentation and testing?

rThreat is a solution dedicated to the validation of cybersecurity solutions that have been implemented throughout a company’s security infrastructure. rThreat works modularly to provide reliability and independence for our clients.


How long will it take for rThreat to respond to my request?

When we receive your request, we will contact you as quickly as possible to begin evaluating the different implementation options available to you and your company.


Does rThreat have zero-day artifacts?

rThreat has a set of artifacts that are incorporated daily into the platform that correspond with real Tactical Techniques and Procedures. In addition, the rThreat research team releases an advanced zero-day threat on a monthly basis according to the specifications and tactics previously selected.


How is rThreat licensed?

For more information about how your company can license rThreat, please contact us.