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Blackhat AMA ft. Hector Monsegur

Coffee with CISOs Episode 5

Don Cox, the Chief Technology Evangelist with CIBR Warriors, and Hector Monsegur, security researcher and former blackhat, joined the rThreat team to address some of the most pressing audience questions and the state of cybersecurity today.

Bring your favorite drink (doesn’t have to be coffee) and take a quick break to learn more about:

● Hector’s past experiences as a blackhat hacker
● Best practices to protect your company from blackhat hackers
● Hector’s perspectives on the state of the cybersecurity industry

If you’re in a situation where you have ten thousand assets across your environment and you have a vast network… where is your most important data stored? Can you access that data center from other weaker network areas?

About the Webinar

The impact of the SolarWinds breach has led to disarray in the technology community. With a shift in focus towards protecting internal systems from supply-chain attacks in the industry, who better to hear from with advice on safeguarding company systems from this modern attack vector than former blackhat, Hector Monsegur.

In this webinar, you will learn what your company can do to make an attacker’s job as difficult as possible, regardless of your security budget. Patching your systems, enforcing a strong password policy, asset management, prioritizing actions, and other simple fixes can easily improve your security posture. More importantly, as your data becomes intellectual property, it is vital to recognize which of your partner organizations and customers have access to your data through threat modeling and risk assessment. Here, social engineering through email phishing has become one of the most prevalent issues in the industry. With personal computers being used as we work from home, malware is sitting on devices waiting for a connection to your company’s network.

Be sure to also check out Hector Monsegur’s follow-up interview with rThreat.


Hector Monsegur

Hector Monsegur

Better known by his online alias “Sabu,” Hector Monsegur is the most controversial hacker of this generation – both the brash voice behind the Anonymous/LulzSec hacker collectives as well as a Federal informant. Hector is now Director of Assessment Services at Rhino Security Labs, with large corporations and governments as his clients. He is also working on developing a book and film on his life.

Don Cox Hector Monsegur AMA

Don Cox

Don is a multi-industry C-Level IT executive, and most recently a CIO and CISO in the Healthcare Industry. He has 25 years of varying technology experiences culminated into a proven and driven senior executive. He serves as an Executive Member for CyberTheory.io and CyberEdBoard Community. Don is known for his vast knowledge across many technology domains. He is a leader, innovator, and motivator with an impressive background in security leadership.

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