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Attack Artifacts Developer

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
rThreatOctober 20, 2020

Employment Type: Full-time, on-site, occasional remote work

Categories: Cyber Security Technology / Attack Artifacts Developer


Are you a talented cyber security developer looking to join a growing, innovative company? Are you eager to show off your cyber security offensive development skills? If so, we want to hear from you!

rThreat is looking for an enthusiastic, full-time attack artifacts developer to join our team in Mexico City. We are a growing cyber security company with offices in Mexico City and Bellingham, Washington.

rThreat is looking for a developer in the cyber security area with an attack tool development creation profile, capable of investigating, creating, and proposing new and already known attacks for Windows.


  • Process, organize, analyze, and assist in contextualization of known and unknown malware
  • Evaluate current and emerging tools and best-practices for tracking advanced persistent threats; tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of attacker’s motivations, industry and attacker trends
  • Creation of packages containing standardized known attacks with security standards (MITRE)
  • Creation of scripts (Python and exe executables) that emulate attacks and advanced threat behaviors
  • Research new generations of advanced threats through forums specializing in normal, dark and deep web
  • Documentation of known and concentrated threats in execution packages


  • Experience in working with threat modelling systems
  • Experience with basic malware analysis; the tactics, tools, techniques, and procedures of network intrusion activity
  • Knowledge of how malware, malicious artifacts, and advanced threat tactical techniques and procedures work
  • Knowledge of the attack flow of malicious artifacts and malware
  • Knowledge of new cyber trends attacks
  • Ability to thoroughly investigate the deep workings of malware and attack artifacts
  • Knowledge of the MITRE framework
  • Knowledge of C #, C, or C ++ geared towards the development of malicious artifacts
  • Demonstrated ability to manage relationships with developers (PD)
  • Knowledge of threat Intelligence analysis and experience managing and implementing the threat intelligence lifecycle
  • Knowledge of common malware variants, functionality, and basics of static and dynamic analysis
  • Knowledge of common threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Experience with cybersecurity-related process development
  • Proven written and oral communication skills and ability to quickly document research and analysis
  • Ability to create and modify malicious artifacts
  • Excellent report writing skills geared towards Strategic, Operational and Tactical audiences
  • Ability to create and learn attacking and offensive security attack tools

Additional Qualifications: 

  • Previous experience in a customer facing role and/or consulting expertise
  • Strong understanding of threat intelligence analysis and application, while conveying strategic outcomes to executive audiences
  • Scripting capabilities in Python and/or Bash
  • Knowledge of various operating systems

Are you interested? Send us an email to: info@rthreat.net with your resume and the position you want to apply for.