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About Us

rThreat is the first company to make available to our clients real known and unknown zero-day artifacts for the measurement and validation of cybersecurity solutions.

Combining Technology & Innovation

rThreat believes in the pragmatic evaluation and measurement of cybersecurity solutions in charge of safeguarding companies and institutions from security threats and possible targeted attacks. We utilize artificial intelligence to carry out the evaluation of cybersecurity systems and solutions.


measurement and validation of cybersecurity

Our Story

After years of development and working in the field, the founders of rThreat identified the needs of pragmatic evaluation against possible attacks and security breaches with zero-day artifacts.

rThreat was born in response to these needs. We developed a platform with the latest technologies that is capable of providing a real testing environment under the corporate security of our clients. Our mission is to help clients prevent cyber attacks that are both known and, most importantly, unknown.

Our Technology

We have put special dedication into developing the backend of our solution in order to provide our clients on-demand testing for new generations of advanced threats. In addition, we also provide unknown artifacts for testing cybersecurity solutions, and security processes that should be followed by security professionals. We pride ourselves on being the pioneers in developing test-oriented unknown artifacts.

measurement and validation of cybersecurity


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